David grew up in Parker, Colorado.  He went to Ponderosa High School, and after a year at Colorado State University as an English major, David went off on a jaunt in the US Army.  He learned the Korean Language at the Defense Language Institute, and then joined the Army Bomb Squad as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician.  David left the Army to start working in Silicon Valley as an IT specialist.  He worked his way up from desktop support to Windows administrator at Northrop Grumman and then was recruited to work at a startup called Semio.  David worked in Silicon Valley for about 3 years until the tech bubble burst.  Semio went under, and David went back to school.
David attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, receiving a BA in Economics with a Math minor.  During his undergrad years, David taught a supplemental instruction course on Business Statistics for 3 semesters.  Upon gradiating, he was offered a Graduate Research Assistanceship in Ecomonics and Finance, which he did for a semester before taking an IT consulting job in St. Louis.
After a year and a half of consulting, David had the opportunity to move to Washington DC, where he joined SAIC as a lab manager and systems engineer.  David ran the modeling and simulation lab while working on and leading technical analysis teams that supported the military.  When SAIC offered him the opportunity to join a Master's program cohort at NYU in Cybersecurity, he took it.  Since then, David has worked his way up from being an Information Assurance Analyst, to a Security Engineer, to an Information Assurance Manager, and then a Deputy Security director on several programs.
Today, David lives with his wife Becky, who is also in the Cyber field, and his two siamese cats, Pip and Ariel.

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